New Adobe Product Blends Digital and Analog Design Capabilities on Your iPad

Adobe is giving classic drafting tools like the stylus and ruler a new spin with the release of their new product, Ink and Slide. Available for $200, this aluminum hardware allows users to draw perfectly straight lines, trace concentric circles, and bisect angles at degrees so exact they’d make a geometry teacher proud, all on your iPad screen.

The tools connect to your iPad via Bluetooth and work through capacitive touch technology—the same technology that lets you navigate your iPad or iPhone with your fingertips. This means that, when logged into Adobe’s Creative Cloud, the pen remembers your preferences. The technology may not be intensive enough to fully replace CAD tools, but for artists and designers looking for a way to sketch and draw exact geometrical shapes on their mobile devices, Ink and Slide represents an exciting step forward.


Invented by a 100+ person design team fronted by Michael Gough, Vice President of Experience Design, Adobe, the tangible nature of the product was inspired by Adobe’s shift towards cloud-based services. When Gough learned that Adobe would stop shipping their familiar boxed software to consumers, he wanted to create a product that would return to a more concrete sense of design work. “We believe a lot of things were lost when we went from analog to digital,” he said. “Ink is about bringing that back.”


Story via Fast Company Design.