Garamond Font Making Headlines Thanks to Student’s Cost Evaluation

Enamored with Helvetica? Irritated by Comic Sans? Font obsessives have known all along that a certain typeface can make all the difference. And fonts are getting a lot of press these days, thanks to a study by middle school student Suvir Mirchandani that estimates a huge savings for the US government should it make the switch from Times New Roman.

The Pittsburgh teen first started thinking about fonts when he noticed how many more printouts he was getting in middle school than in elementary school. When Mirchandani used APFill Ink Coverage software to compare Century Gothic, Garamond, Comic Sans, and Times New Roman, the clear winner was Garamond. Mirchandani calculated that if his school district were to make the switch from Times New Roman, it would save $21,000 yearly. He then took a look at the US government’s ink budget, and in a paper published by the Journal for Emerging Investigators, describes how making the switch could save the government $370 million a year. Although the government hasn’t committed to utilizing Mirchandani’s plan, CNN reports that Government Printing Office media manager Gary Somerset thinks the teen’s study is “remarkable.”

Story via Mashable.