Blogger’s Plea to J. Crew Illustrates the Power of Social Media

Social media can sometimes feel like an empty room where everyone’s shouting their opinions without any real hope of the exercise making any difference. But with companies increasingly investing in social media engagement and creating meaningful relationships with their audiences, that’s no longer the case. Take, for example, Wall Street Journal and New York magazine freelancer Jenni Avins’ heartfelt open letter to J. Crew on the magazine’s The Cut blog. “Please bring back the scoop-back tank swimsuit,” Avins begs, detailing her futile quest for the perfect functional but stylish one-piece. “I’m eternally searching for the one J. Crew no longer manufactures.”

Sure, in this case, the loyal fan is also a writer for a couple of prestigious, national publications, but that doesn’t make J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons’ response any less impressive. A few months after the initial blog post, Lyons declared the rebirth of Avins’ beloved scoop back tank suit in a two-page ad in New York magazine. A handwritten note declares “Dear Ms. Avins, Your wish is my command…within reason. XO Jenna.” Now that Avins and her suit have been reunited and Lyons and J. Crew are being touted as wish-granting customer service genies, it’s hard to say who’s the internet’s bigger winner.

Story via Ad Week.