Branding Translated: Famous Logos in Foreign Languages

Think of your favorite brand of clothing, sneakers and beverage. Would you be able to recognize their logos in a different language?

Companies work hard on their brands and logos in hopes that they will become easily recognizable to the masses. Behind the larger ones are often teams of lawyers who work to protect their companies from copycats, illegal licensing deals and brand depreciation that all involve the use of the companies’ logos, names and slogans.

Branding is a big part of business, and when companies expand to foreign markets they often need to translate their logos into various languages with the challenge of not sacrificing the look and feel of the brand image. The ones that have successfully made this jump benefit from increased brand recognition in a global marketplace. See if you recognize the famous logos below, and be the judge of which brands pulled off the transition. (Answers below.)

The FedEx logo, in Arabic.Coca-Cola chineseCNN arabicsubway

1. FedEx in Arabic
2. Coca-Cola in Chinese
3. CNN in Arabic
4. Subway in Russian

For more translated logos, visit Gizmodo’s article “Can You Name the Brands Behind These 20 Translated Logos.”
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