Working with Animals on a Photography Set

Last week, we did another photo shoot for our client Simple Human, with a day dedicated to depicting the function of their stainless steel pet food cans. The new packaging and website required beautiful product images of the pet food container with a model demonstrating the features alongside an energetic dog.

Working with pets and children is notoriously difficult and unpredictable, but there were a few safeguards that we put in place to make the day run as smoothly as possible. First, the dogs were cast from a reputable agency with professional trainers that accompanied the animals and worked with them on set. In addition, we opted to shoot the model and dog separately to get the most range out of each subject. We left plenty of time in the day to work with each dog to make sure we could capture the nuance of each trick and gesture.

As there were three different size cans, we cast a small, medium, and large sized dog to represent each product. The medium sized dog was a beagle named “Scamper,” who was particularly remarkable. She had incredible discipline and very accurate looks and tricks including covering her snout with her paws. Below are some behind the scenes pictures from the shoot – we look forward to seeing the fully realized packaging out sometime next year!

Our big dog Mac

Our medium dog Scamper doing her signature trick

Our small dog Rocky