Kitchen Collaborative E-Commerce Photography on Barney’s Website

One of the most popular photography services at Kitchen Collaborative is photography for e-commerce, which consists of high volume shorter lifespan imagery for selling products online. This typically consists of what we call “hero,” or editorial style shots to give the viewer a flavor for the brand and grab their attention, and individual product shots that allow the viewer to more closely view the product in detail. Both of these types of shots can have a broad range in look and feel depending on the brand’s personality and site they are appearing on.

Most recently, we completed a series of hero and individual product shots for luxury skincare line Mila Moursi, esthetician to stars including Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Williams, and Arianna Huffington. To launch her product line at premium retailer Barney’s, she needed to elevate the look and feel of the photography to fit within the Barney’s upscale brand aesthetic. Our photography consisted of artfully styled hero photographs featuring product groupings in a bold, dynamic, and architectural presentation. Unique stylized set and lighting design gave the products a sense of quality and helped the line to stand out amongst other prominent luxury skincare competitors.

In addition to the hero imagery, we also created styled product grouping shots to sell the line by collection in print and online. Clean individual product shots of each product were also created for use on product detail pages and in the Barney’s print catalog.

Check out the Mila Moursi shots now live on Barneys.com. To see more examples of photography for e-commerce, check out our case study for Hautelook/Nordstrom.

Mila Moursi product page on Barneys.com

Sample hero image

Sample styled product grouping

Sample individual shot