Smells Like Brand Spirit

In package design, one of the main criteria to evaluating whether we have created a unique and targeted brand is ownability. In other words, can the package design and structure be unique enough to stand out in the crowded marketplace, and eventually even become recognizable on its own merit?

Andrew Miller has taken this philosophy and stripped it down to its essence – to the basic form of the product or package itself. He is deep into his 100-day process of reducing down the most recognizable brands to their purist form by painting them white. The only stipulation is that they either cost less than $10 or be something that he already owns.

Some of the products Miller has painted are packages, such as the iconic Method pump bottle, while others are the products themselves. It really is an interesting study that examines which iconic brands are still completely recognizable without the use of any logos or brand elements.

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Via:  minimalissimo.com

Nintendo – photo credit: brandspirit.tumblr.com

Corona – photo credit: brandspirit.tumblr.com

Polaroid – photo credit: brandspirit.tumblr.com