Healthy Steps

Medical weight loss brand Healthy Steps needed to communicate their unique selling points of their new all-virtual offering, building off of their 40 years of experience helping clients succeed with their health goals in their brick and mortar clinics. To stand out in the crowded marketplace, we focused on the friendly, personalized service and MD-backed credibility to build a cohesive organic, paid, and influencer campaign with the goal of generating new client leads.




Brand Blueprint

Strategy: Brand Blueprint

In order to position Healthy Steps uniquely in this highly crowded, multi billion dollar industry, we zeroed in on their expertise in the MD-backed category. We surveyed and analyzed the competitive landscape, industry trends, and relevant digital trends to define a unique, ownable niche. We then created a comprehensive, content, influencer, and digital ad plan with the end of funnel goal of lead generation.

Video: Lifestyle

One of the first goals was to create lifestyle content that would set the tone for the brand and depict the key selling points. This lifestyle-centric video took the viewer through the new all-virtual medical weight loss program, “Healthy Steps at Home,” by depicting how a user would experience the program from receiving the kit in the mail to implementing lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

Design Refresh

Website: Design Refresh

To make the after like experience more sticky, we used our premium lifestyle video content to draw the user in, ensuring the inquiry form was prominently seen below the fold. We created primary and secondary messaging that communicated Healthy Steps’ key competitive advantages clearly and with a friendly, approachable personality. We maintained their legacy brand color palette for continuity and recognizability with their existing in clinic client base.

Influencer Marketing: Creator Campaign

In the weight loss industry, word of mouth is huge for consumer confidence – especially when medical considerations are in play. For this reason, we knew that creating a broad base of influencer partnerships in relevant markets would be key to gain visibility and credibility for this boutique brand. We worked with a range of influencers in categories including postpartum, mature post-menopausal, and body-positive women to strategize, create, and roll out campaigns on organic and paid channels to maximize reach and minimize cost per lead.


Influencer Marketing: Video

In addition to working with creators to shape content, we also worked with influencers to create polished brand content that documented their weight loss stories. The format combined a sit-down interview with lifestyle b-roll, highlighting key testimonials with bold graphics.

Social Media: Integrated Social Campaign

Our social media campaign was a combination of educational and aspirational, conveying Healthy Steps’ unique points of difference in a friendly, approachable presentation to draw in new customers without alienating existing patients. Motivational quotes, tips, and recipes were blended with polished brand and influencer content for a professional look and feel. Care was taken to promote but not over-promise, an important staple of communication for health-centric brands.

Integrated Social Campaign

In the first year of our efforts, we oversaw an increase of 235% in traffic and 236% in new users, with 80% of sessions coming from digital advertising. Video assets were key in performance, with content we created combined with assets from collaboration with influencers fueling both paid and organic results – consistently landing in the top three best digital ad performers month after month. At the end of the funnel, 18% of converted leads were attributed to online efforts. Through strong, targeted, and consistent branding, marketing, and advertising, we were able to fight against the sea of sameness in the industry and allow Healthy Steps to better compete in this highly crowded marketplace.