Influencer Marketing Campaign for Modern Twig with Keltie Knight

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest influencer content and social media campaign for Modern Twig, featuring E! News Correspondent and host of CBS’s upcoming show “Superfan,” Keltie Knight! We worked with Keltie and her designer, Cory McCrummen, to produce a premium documentary-style video that takes the viewer through the process of designing and building her luxurious new bathroom – with Modern Twig’s cabinetry at the center of the design. Their chemistry and personalities made this content extra fun to watch, with an effortless and authentic testimonial for the brand to boot.

Teaser Influencer Content

We worked with Keltie to create and roll out two Reels that would tease the project and feature her magnetic personality. We wanted to make sure Keltie retained creative control of her content for authenticity, while helping to guide the content of the voice over with the brand talking points. The videos were posted as a collab on both accounts, edited down to additional content for more posts and ads on the brand account, and amplified with influencer whitelist ads. This effort made a huge splash, increasing Modern Twig’s average video views by a whopping 7,905% and contributing to a 74% follower growth the month they were featured.

Branded Video Content

We wanted to create a polished brand case study story surrounding Keltie’s Modern Twig reno, with Keltie talking about the project from the homeowner’s perspective and Cory from the designer’s point of view. The format blended sit down interview with b-roll of Keltie and Cory interacting in the completed space and the install in progress. Keltie and Cory were both uber professional and easy to work with – not to mention so much fun! We had so much great footage it was one of the hardest shoots to edit to date. We even cut together a blooper reel (below) to showcase some of the best moments on set.

Stop Motion and Still Content

We also captured wide shots of completed space at various angles to show off the design and macro vignettes to showcase quality. Stop motion videos demonstrated key features in a short, engaging format.

Follow along Modern Twig’s social pages to see all the assets being rolled out in the coming weeks, and stay tuned for results on both the organic and paid campaign!