Our Latest Brand Collab with Modern Twig and Pretty Pegs Goes Live

Modern Twig manufactures premium fronts for Ikea cabinets in kitchen, bath, media, and closet applications, targeting homeowners that care about design but don’t want the expense and disruption of custom built-ins. To expand our reach to this savvy market, we partnered with fellow Ikea ecosystem brand Pretty Pegs for the pulls to further build on the customization story.

The campaign kicked off earlier today with a collab Instagram post revealing a real-life reno story, which is the centerpiece of this campaign. This 1-minute video tells the story of a mid-century modern family room remodel using just fast-paced visuals and music to communicate the ease of the experience, the fast delivery and install, and the exceptional design – the key benefits homeowners get when working with Modern Twig. Timelapse and install footage shows how easy the cabinetry install process was; lifestyle b-roll highlights the practical applications and connects to the audience emotionally.

Overall Concept and Pre-Production

Our goal was to create lifestyle and install-driven video assets for use on the Modern Twig website, YouTube, organic social media, and digital advertising that would create an emotional connection with the audience and educate the customer on the ease of the install process. Our deliverables included a full length video for social media and website use, plus short-form videos to implement on both organic and paid posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our pre-production art direction included planning for the video format and outline, along with specific direction for each shot and lifestyle scenario. We also planned for still, stop motion video, and on-trend user-generated style assets to be used in website, social, and advertising applications later on.

Campaign Videos

We wanted to make sure the video included the full experience of working with Modern Twig, emphasizing how quick and easy it is compared to going fully custom. We broke the video down into the two days it took to install: the first day showing the Ikea boxes and the second day the Modern Twig fronts and Pretty Pegs pulls. Without a voiceover, the transition to the lifestyle footage needed to be playful – we introduced the family first, then showcased three uses for the space: playing board games, video games, and family movie night. Each segment showed off a particular section of the media cabinetry and brought attention to the pulls with detail shots. The entire install was documented with a timelapse technique, to be cut into a separate video later on. We also converted the full length version into micro content in vertical format for use on organic and paid social media applications.

UGC-Style Videos

In order to make the most of the day, we also shot content made to look user-generated on an iPhone, but elevated with attention to detail in lighting the compositions. This content consisted of tours of the space with lifestyle references, before & after’s, interviews, and trend-driven videos.


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The full-length reno story was reveal this morning as a collab between the Modern Twig and Pretty Pegs Instagram accounts. In a few hours, the exposure from the combined audiences gave this video the push it needed to get 3x more organic views than the 2nd best performing content of the week. The video content was also launched in both full length and micro variations on Modern Twig’s Meta and LinkedIn campaigns targeted homeowners and specifiers. The user-generated style content is also performing well, with the best asset seeing 2x the views of evergreen content. Stay tuned for more on this campaign as it rolls out and for full results!


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