Utilizing Instagram Reels for Brand Growth

Reels are one of our favorite tools to use on Instagram lately, and we are happy to say that they are here to stay. We’ve found that creating these quick-cut, short-form videos has helped boost the accounts of some of our smaller brands on Instagram.

One of the tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way is to utilize the features Instagram has available. They’re there for a reason! For instance, we posted a cooking tutorial from one of our Twin Eagles influencers with a trending song and the Reel hit over 2k organic views in less than an hour, compared to the last few feed video content garnering a few hundred views total. We did the same thing for First Leaves with a different trending song and received over 1k views in just one hour. Based on our insights and knowledge on how the Instagram algorithm works, we can make an educated assumption that the video was organically shown to more users because of the combination of song choice, the on-brand hashtags, and the high quality content that our influencers created.


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Since Reels are still fairly new, there isn’t as much competition on the app which means your content could have a much higher visibility rate, so hone in on your niche now and see great results.


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