Creating Documentary Style Influencer Video for Infratech Automotive

In late 2020, we kicked off a new influencer campaign for long time client Infratech Automotive in which we feature prominent auto industry professionals and their expertise, business, point of view, and a personal account of how and why they use the automotive portable curing products in their shop and work. The goal of this campaign is to create a highly personal connection to the audience, to help them envision how Infratech’s products can help them excel in their work in an authentic way.

Our first subject was Jeff Jeppesen, owner and operator of Classy Cars Detailing in Newport Beach, California. Jeff is an industry veteran, with over 30 years of experience working on luxury vehicles, prototype cars, concept cars, SEMA show vehicles, and more. This one-day shoot on location at Jeff’s shop was a mix of interview, b-roll, and demo footage that was carefully combined to tell the story while keeping the audience engaged. Pull quotes were emphasized with graphics that brought attention to key points. While it was important that we celebrate Infratech’s product, we also were careful to keep the tone more documentary in nature and to avoid a direct sales feel.

The final result was a four minute video that will be utilized on Infratech Automotive’s website and YouTube, as well as accompanying micro video content at approximately 30 seconds each for social media and digital advertising. Last month, we tested Facebook and Instagram ads featuring this content and optimized for landing page views. Even with an average of a 30 second run time, higher than ideal video length for advertising but necessary to tell the story, the ads performed well for this highly niche market at only 35 cents CPLPV (cost per landing page view) with over 21K video views on a modest ad spend.

Stay tuned for more influencer partnerships for Infratech Automotive, coming soon in 2021!