Documentary Style Video Production: Anders Lasater Architects x The Hall: Global Eatery

Long time client Infratech is a favorite amongst renowned architects, designers, and builders in both residential and commercial applications. Reaching this exclusive group with meaningful content has always been a cornerstone of our ongoing digital marketing strategy.

Infratech’s commercial market consists of owners and architects of premium restaurants, hospitality properties, clubs, and more – which have unique outdoor heating needs compared to their residential counterparts. To communicate the distinct benefits of Infratech heating systems on a practical and emotional level, we strategized, coordinated, and produced a documentary-style video featuring distinguished architecture firm Anders Lasater Architects and their process of designing The Hall: Global Eatery in Costa Mesa, California. We also interviewed CEO and Partner of Vaca Group, Ahmed Labbatte, who gave valuable insights on the business operations of the restaurant and the return on investment with outdoor dining.

The final product included a full length video for the Infratech website and YouTube Channels, which consisted of interview footage and b-roll at the restaurant. The video told the story of the restaurant concept, design process, build, and function of the space. The outdoor patio was highlighted through the customer experience as well as the business side, giving a live and tangible example of how Infratech heaters can help restaurant owners seat and turn more tables and reduce labor costs. 

We then edited the content down to micro videos for use in social media and digital ads. We were careful to create complete stories with each video, so that they could be watched independently or as a series.

Because this video was shot during Covid-19, discussing the effects of the pandemic as it affects the restaurant industry was a critical part of our conversation. In order to ensure the full length video endured beyond the pandemic, we created a separate series of micro videos specific to outdoor seating design and function for Covid safety regulations to help restaurant owners navigating the crisis with ideas for how to maximize their space.

Creating authentic, targeted, and meaningful content for digital marketing is more important than ever before as audiences become more and more sophisticated while consuming video content and advertising – particularly in the wake of the pandemic where time spent on social media skyrocketed and adaptation to digital communication was widespread. Stay tuned for more content like this for Infratech and other clients, coming soon in 2021!