Kitchen Collaborative Helps Robbins Brothers Rebrand Poem and E3 Engagement Ring Brands

Robbins Brothers is a collection of fine jewelry stores with a 100 year history and a unique commitment to exceptional service, an individualized approach, and best-in-class quality and guarantees. In addition to stocking designer collections, they also offer their own exclusive collections including Poem, a line of fancy shape engagement rings, and E3 (now renamed as Eternalle), their lab grown diamond offering. Robbins Brothers needed our help to dive deep into the strategy for each brand in order to define and develop the core identities with a level of sophistication that would allow each brand to stand on its own while still embodying the characteristics of the Robbins Brothers umbrella brand.

The Poem line is comprised of fancy shape diamonds, which appeal to the bride that wants something unique that will also stand the test of time. To expand on the key attributes of the rings, we explored solutions that were visually poetic such as flowing, esoteric, or romantic approaches. We also explored the idea of geometry, facets, and the incorporation of all five of the shapes reflected in the designs. The final logo was a custom word mark that was a hybrid between Didone and Humanist letterforms, with a unique ligature between the “e” and “m” that created a beautiful flow that referenced poetry and romance.

For the key art, we utilized the curvy shapes in the letterforms that also referenced the fancy shapes in the rings to further build on the Poem identity system. We created a style guide to aid the in-house team at Robbins Brothers as they continue to implement future materials including logo usage, font usage, color palette, photography style, and brand applications.

For E3, Robbins Brothers needed our help in developing a new brand name and tagline, in addition to building a new identity from the ground up. As a lab grown line, it was important that the name drew inspiration from the overarching themes of nature, science, uniqueness, beauty, and love. For the tagline, we explored complimentary themes that also communicated the unique selling points of a lab grown diamond. The final new brand name Eternalle played into the the forever nature of both love and a diamond, which was further supported by the tagline. The final logo was a custom word mark with subtle references to facets in the angled end points, and an embellished R letterform that emphasized the idea of continuity and eternity.

We also developed a custom mark that enhanced the idea of eternity through interlocking heart shapes that we utilized in supporting graphics and patterns in the key art and website design. A deep yet soft color palette, unique photography style, and bold and structured design elements created a sophisticated look to appeal to the Eternalle audience.

The new brands for Poem and Eternalle are currently live on the Robbins Brothers site, and are coming soon to their store displays!