Kitchen Collaborative Launches Infratech Product Videos on New Dynamic Web Pages

For longtime client Infratech, premium video production has been an integral part of our strategy in communicating the lifestyle, features, and benefits of their stylish, designer-friendly outdoor heaters. To further support our digital ad efforts, we designed and implemented new product landing pages centered around a short video on each series, with the goal of featuring the premium quality of the product visually while quickly messaging key features and benefits to help the user understand the key differences between each series.

We conceptualized, shot, and edited five videos featuring each heater design series independently using a custom set piece with perforated metal sheets in a pattern that mimicked Infratech’s brand identity. Clean, premium lighting highlighted the beauty of the stainless steel and quality construction. Camera movement added drama to the otherwise static product and allowed the user to understand the heater differences visually by featuring varied angles and details.

Because we were sending targeted audiences to the pages via digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the presentation for the product landing pages had to encompass all of Infratech’s brand attributes while conveying key features and benefits in a quickly digestible format, in order to keep the viewer’s attention on the page. An organized layout, clear infographics, and supporting videos were brought together to keep the user engaged with the content.

The videos will also be used in partnership with Infratech’s distributors and retailers in customized e-commerce pages in the coming months.