Executing Successful Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale Campaigns

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big business. In fact, according to a recent Adobe Analytics data report, they’re bigger than ever, with Black Friday shoppers spending a record $6.22 billion online this year, an increase of 23.6% from 2017. To take advantage of brands’ increased online visibility during Cyber Week, we carefully planned and designed social strategy for each of our clients. We chose to extend client sales campaigns past the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days. Online shoppers increasingly expect deals and specials that last the entire week of Thanksgiving and even go on into December; however, we did make a stronger push on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as there are higher numbers of potential shoppers online then.



When we run integrated promotional campaigns for our clients, we roll out the red carpet. This in-depth treatment includes creating custom graphics, stylized images, targeted ads, newsletters, social cover images, website carousels, and lots of organic posts. The goal is to give each potential shopper more time to connect with our clients, in as many ways as possible — especially via digital. According to Adobe and Marketing Land), Black Friday 2018 became the first day ever to boast $2 billion+ in sales coming from smartphones alone. Shoppers racked up $2.1 billion in Black Friday purchases on their phones this year, bypassing the previous shopping record holder, Cyber Monday 2017’s $1.4 billion. Part of the smartphone shopping trend surely derives from social media; Sprout Social reports that consumers said sites like Facebook and Instagram were their highest ranked source of inspiration when shopping. In light of this information, our strategy to create separate sets of ads and website carousel banners for mobile optimization paid off.



To promote brand awareness, acquire new social media audience members and generate new user site traffic and leads, we implemented a four-phase digital advertising funnel strategy focused on Instagram and Facebook ads. We then retargeted new followers with ads educating them on the key benefits of a brand’s product offerings and on the overall brand narrative. The third phase involved reiterating the brand’s unique selling points and offering the promotion details surrounding Cyber Week. In the final phase, we dynamically retargeted all site users from new to existing leads during the promo, with ads optimized for conversion, advertising products they had engaged with on our clients’ websites to remind them of their interest and influence purchasing behavior.



The results of our efforts were hard-hitting. In the beauty category, we saw Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 545%-795%! One client also experienced a 98% increase in sales from this same week last year, a 25% increase in new users compared to the entire month prior, and a 5% increase in sessions converted compared to the same week last year.

Cyber Week sales become more and more important for brands every year. Carefully analyzing technology and social media’s impact on spending habits has been essential in helping us create and implement client campaigns with lucrative results.