Working with Influencers for a L’eclisse Cosmetics Lifestyle Campaign

On social media, much of what we see is driven by authentic character, tone, and image. It makes sense, therefore, that these days, effective social media marketing is moving away from content featuring traditional models and towards real influencers. While models usually represent polished perfection, influencers still have that extra sparkle while managing to seem approachable — watching an influencer review a product is like getting advice from a confident, cool friend who just happens to have an extra depth of knowledge in a particular arena.

This ability to make an instant connection with a keyed-in niche audience made working with beauty influencers a natural fit for our mineral makeup client, L’eclisse Cosmetics. The numbers demonstrate influencer partnerships are smart, too. In fact, Social Media Today shows that there is an eleven times higher ROI through influencer marketing than traditional marketing techniques like TV, print, and desktop ads. To capitalize on this growing trend, we created a three-month lifestyle tutorial series partnership with one millennial and one baby boomer influencer with themes ranging from everyday looks, professional makeup, the “no makeup” style, and natural bridal looks. When we were searching for and vetting influencers to partner with, we were excited to find Janet Gunn and Katelynn Ansari, not just because of their followings, but because they’re a good fit for the brand, have highly engaged audiences, and are leaders in their particular markets.

As part of our campaign, we created full-length videos with the influencers for organic placement, plus micro videos for social media advertising. We secured organic placements on L’eclisse and both influencer pages and supported these placements with a paid ad campaign.

To further reinforce the influencer/brand connection, we created branded website carousel images, social cover images, and graphics.


The results were impressive. Organic views on our client L’eclisse and on the influencers’ pages resulted in 100% ROAS compared to monthly digital marketing retainer fees alone. Our best performing sponsored ad to date received $0.01 per click, with 1.2 million impressions, and 141k video views. It increased web traffic by 2100% above average monthly page views. Our partnership with these influencers has been one of our most successful marketing efforts and we’re excited to grow L’eclisse’s sales and online presence even more through carefully crafted influencer campaigns.