Nike Women’s “Better for It” Campaign Gets a New Look for Russia

A US ad campaign featuring female athletes is getting a different look for its Russian launch. This spring, Nike Women’s “Better for It” motivational campaign debuted in the US, featuring normal women exercising in a quest for better health. The Russian version of the campaign carries the same message of self-improvement, but stars professional athletes.

Advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam’s copy for the campaign, called “Real Girls of Moscow,” also varies significantly from the original US campaign. The original campaign featured average women working through their insecurities in hopes of reaching their fitness goals. The Russian women, on the other hand, are painted as dealing with the pain of exercise to reach greater glory, as evidenced in ads featuring boxer Kate Izotova receiving a punch to the face while sparring.


Russian Ad

The Russian ad campaign also turned real Instagram posts of women working out into street posters intended to attract the growing number of women who Nike describes as “free-thinking and free-spirited,” and “more comfortable in sneakers than heels, preferring exercise to fad diets.” In addition to “Real Girls of Moscow” television ads and outdoor murals, the campaign features GIFs for online sharing.

Story and images via AdWeek.