Land Rover Launches Innovative “Choose Your Own Adventure” Instagram Campaign

When Land Rover officially launched the new Discovery Sport in late 2014, they wanted a promotional campaign that gave viewers the sense of “everyday adventure.” Geared towards families and leisure users, the new compact SUV features off road capability while its smaller size makes it a viable option for urban dwellers. The British car manufacturer teamed up with global advertising agency The Brooklyn Brothers to create Adventuregram, an Instagram-based campaign that features scenarios users could potentially encounter in their SUV, such as going off road to avoid a herd of sheep or driving nighttime city streets.

Over the course of six weeks, a dedicated team at the agency created Instagram profiles featuring different moments in the Adventuregram story, building storylines and linking the various accounts with tags to create the equivalent of a Choose Your Own Adventure story. Users click on an Instagram photo, where different tags are revealed, leaving the user to select the next step in their story. In the end, the Brooklyn Brothers team created over 140 different Instagram profiles featuring different possibilities for adventure. While capitalizing on Instagram’s visual format to narrate the journey, the team was able to use the road adventure story line to feature the Discovery Sport in its natural context, without hitting fans over the head with product placement.


Story via FastCo Design.