Digital Campaign Creates Innovative Spin on Stock Photos

In preparation for this weekend’s release of 20th Century Fox’s latest Vince Vaughn film Unfinished Business, the internet shared…stock photos? Surprising, but true. AdWeek reports, Fox’s creative team shook up the norm with this film campaign by inserting Vince Vaughn and costars Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson into a few average stock photos and therefore creative internet gold.



Stock photos don’t have the reputation for being genuine or entreating, but Unfinished Business, the comedy about a hardworking team on what begins as a routine business trip, gravitated to the tongue and cheek humor of combining the two. The photos reveal the industry complaint on how generic stock photos are by comparing them with the personalities of these comedic stars—and the result is hilarious and effective.

By making these poorly photoshopped images, they are perfect for the world of social media. These images would never be on billboards or buses, but they will be all over your Facebook and Twitter. By directly relating to social media, creative digital campaigns are innovating the way we interact with advertising and it is pretty fun.