Dove+Twitter #SpeakBeautiful at the 2015 Oscars

In a video released this week, Twitter and Dove announced their partnership for the socially conscious #SpeakBeautiful campaign, premiering at this year’s Academy Awards. #SpeakBeautiful seeks to create a supportive tone and “change the way we talk about beauty on social media.” The campaign focuses on the startling statistic that in the past year women posted over 5 million negative tweets about body image and beauty.

The video shows endless bars of soap with tweets from real women body shaming themselves and their peers. Until #SpeakBeautiful’s soap bar arrives with the simple, “You are beautiful.”—and the trend of positivity begins.

During the anticipated red carpet portion of the Oscars, Dove will use Twitter’s technology to reach users who tweet negative comments about beauty and body image and give them constructive advice. The “advice will come directly from social media and self-esteem experts who collaborate with Dove and Twitter to empower women to speak with more confidence, optimism and kindness about beauty online.”

Since their women targeted Real Beauty Campaign, Dove has been the beauty brand to appeal to diverse body types in commercials and print ads. In recent years, Dove also used creative advertising campaigns to promote self-esteem issue awareness and target younger consumers. Teaming up with Twitter, the second most popular social networking site, increases reach and exposure, potentially turning this positive branding into a trend with not only consumers, but beauty competitor and advertisers.

Story and Videos from AdWeek and Dove.