Home Depot Launches a New Designer… Bucket?

The household bucket. Everyone has one or even a few, and this utilitarian design has stayed mostly unchanged for decades… until now! Home Depot has announced an exclusive product only available at their US stores. The Leaktite is a large, all-purpose bucket with ergonomic design and future friendly form. It was designed by prestigious industrial designer Scot Herbst of Herbst Produkt, whose previous clients include CB2, HP and SkipHop.

The folks at Home Depot appear to be taking a cue from brands like Apple, Simple Human and Nest – take an existing product and refine the form and function through thoughtful design and ergonomics. They didn’t invent the bucket – they just made it better. To support the clever industrial design, they have also produced a video with strong product photography and a hint of lifestyle similar to the human element we brought in for our videos for Simple Human.


Priced at $7.58, it seems like a must-have for anyone with design-conscience janitorial sensibilities. At the time of this article, it appears to be out of stock online and in stores. Hopefully this means that Home Depot will start reinterpreting other basic utility items in elegant fashion. What’s next… a smart mailbox? OLED paint? A Philippe Stark-designed hammer? One can always hope.