Hipsters Unite Over a New Line of Eyeglasses Based on Favorite Fonts

At Kitchen Collaborative, we are design and typeface nerds – so we were stoked to find out that Japanese designer TYPE has created a new line of font-inspired glasses. Now, consumers can choose between the popular Helvetica or Garamond fonts, and actually wear them. Each set of glasses comes in three different weights – light, regular, and bold.

Ask any young person with a cool hairstyle and ironic taste in music – they will know all about Helvetica and be able to explain why they love it or hate it. One of the coolest things about this design, is that the glasses actually look like the fonts they’re named for – it’s not a gimmick. Max Miedinger created Helvetica’s san-serif design in 1957 in Switzerland at the Haas Type Foundry. The font was supposed to be neutral, yet clear. It truly looks like TYPE captured the essence of Helvetica, as the font’s curves, lines, and borders are reflected in the frame’s bridge, delineation, and even color.


The Garamond glasses are different, but just as unique as Helvetica – except, these glasses are more circular, even bookish-looking. The design is obvious, and the Garamond ’g’ is evident in the link from frame to ear and the temple covers. The design is very Mad Men-esque – it hearkens back to a day of men always wearing suits to work, having a cigar in their offices, and coming home to a made-from-scratch dinner.

On January 30th, the public will be able to buy these beauties for about $231, and the design is unisex. Glasses lovers are hoping that TYPE will decide to extend the line.

Via fastcodesign.com