Photolettering App: Instagram for Typography

With advent of the iPhone and apps like Instagram, we are living in a time where everyone can experience a taste of the graphic design and photography world. Now, with the new Photolettering app, users can take it even further. By adding text into the equation, you can turn your iPhone pics into personalized digital postcards, or old-school album covers. The app is free and comes with three fonts, with 20 more available for 99 cents a piece, which you can use to stamp words or phrases on anything in your Camera Roll.

How did this happen? Well, back-in-the-day, Photo-Lettering Inc. was THE place to get lettering for a commercial project. PLINC’s studio’s creative director, Ed Benguiat is responsible for some of the most iconic logotypes of all time, including those of publications like Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and the New York Times as well as films like Super Fly and Planet of the Apes.

House Industries, one of the leading digital type foundries, wanted to acquire PLINC’s lot so they contacted Benguiat, and since then House has been slowly digitizing the fonts. And they’re already onto creating new features for future updates, including a layering function for adding different fonts on a single image.

Via fastcodesign.com


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