Michael Wolf’s Hong Kong Skyscraper Photography

Photographer Michael Wolf spent four years documenting life in Hong Kong for his new book, Architecture of Density. These photos, taken between 2003 and 2007, are a unique take on the skyline of the city. The close crops and architecturally perfect perspectives create a beautiful, mathematical, and abstract view of urban landscapes.

He says of the project:

“Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet with most of its population living in skyscraping, concrete tower blocks. The city’s architecture is driven by function, not form, and one tower block can only be distinguished from the next by the bold colour schemes of its façade. …” This Hong Kong with neither ground nor sky becomes an imagined, symbolic city, where density is pushed to its limits. Although this city is all but deserted, these images act like cross-sections of an urban anthill, encouraging the viewer to wonder about the thousands of lives contained within these structures.”

We particularly love these images for their graphic quality and unique color palettes, all authentic to the subjects. You can see more of Michael Wolf’s work on his website or check out the new book here.

Via Fast Company.


michael-wolk-honghong-1 michael-wolk-honghong-2 michael-wolk-honghong-3 michael-wolk-honghong-4 michael-wolk-honghong-5