Professional Casting for Photography and Video

Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Disney has the best casting. If he doesn’t like an actor he just tears him up.” For the rest of us, casting is a process that is a critical component to the branding process. Just like any other piece of a brand development system, the talent (model/actor) needs to fit the desired brand message of a company or product. Since they represent the brand in human form, they must communicate visually to the viewer in a direct, meaningful way. When done well, a professional casting session can find the perfect candidate that embodies the brand personality. Casting cannot be rushed, faked or forced. The process entails seeing typically a large number of people in person over the course of several days, until the human version of a needle in the haystack presents itself.

A professional casting session with an art director and photographer present is the most reliable method of selecting talent. An experienced team can not only select the right face for your brand from a strategic point of view, but they can see how the model will perform on the shoot day based on how he or she interacts with the camera. Since the models will show up in street clothes and with no hair and makeup, an experienced photographer and art director can accurately envision the final result.

Sample casting photos

At The Kitchen Collaborative, we have refined the casting process to a near-exact science. When we are looking for a model or an actor for a particular part, we call upon our close relationships with a vast network of talent and modeling agents to begin the process. Models that come from reputable agencies are worth their day rates because they are professional, have invaluable experience, and can deliver strong, targeted, on-brand looks consistently. By working with leading agents, a casting session can be quickly produced yielding dozens of new faces in a single day. At first, we cast a wider net within the brand’s parameters and see a large group of faces in person. Then, depending on the scope of the job, we often conduct multiple callbacks to finalize the selection. We are equipped to accommodate large scale casting sessions at our office, which has a fully equipped photo studio on site.

Behind the scenes at one of our latest fashion casting sessions

In addition to meeting and speaking with the talent, we take digital still and/or video captures of each subject and organize the applicants in a methodical way that features the prominent characteristics or personality we are looking for. Parameters are agreed upon in advance by the client, making it easier for the final selections to be made. For clients that cannot attend the casting or are located outside our area, we arrange our selects in a digital format that is easy to upload and view online.

To learn more about our casting process, please contact us. Here is a fun time lapse clip of a recent casting session at our studio. You can also check out some behind the scenes casting stories in our photography category.