Platinum Visual Systems Catalog – Press Check!

After several months of going through a comprehensive rebrand process for premium visual display product manufacturer Platinum, we are happy to be seeing the work come to life in a tangible form! Our work with Platinum began with a full brand platform, including competitive research, tagline development, brand story development, and brand clarity style boards. From there, we developed the corporate identity and began implementing across all the channels – from printed collateral, to website, trade show, copy, and advertising applications. We have also completed the herculean task of photographing their product selection, amounting to almost 300 images of products and people!

Over the past couple of days, we have been press checking our first printed piece to be produced – a 52-page brand and product catalog. For those of you that don’t know what is involved in getting a printed piece of any size (especially a large one like this) to fruition, it can be quite a comprehensive process! After the design is done and before it goes to press, a catalog is carefully and thoroughly proofed, often for several rounds, by several members of our team including both design and copy experts. From there, we review the printer’s proofs. There is typically what used to be called a blueline (now done through modern digital proofing techniques) that is configured in the final format that is for reviewing the content, and high resolution color proofs that are for proofing color. Once the final tweaks are made and the piece is ready to go, the printer makes plates and the catalog is officially in production!

For a piece of this size, there are multiple press checks that last 1-2 days, and we are reviewing sheets about every couple of hours. So, why the need to check a piece on press when we have already approved the color proofs? Although the printer’s color proofs are calibrated to their printing presses, color can shift (sometimes dramatically) when a piece goes on press. For photographs and important brand colors, being there to ensure consistency and make the product look as good as possible is key. In rare instances, design elements can even shift or drop off from the proof to the plate – if we are not there to check, details like this can be missed. And lastly, we check for quality issues such as consistency in the ink coverage and dirt on the printing plates.

We are very excited about rolling out all the upcoming projects for this comprehensive rebrand – make sure to stay tuned as we update you on lots more work to come!