Honda and Ozzy’s Road Trip

Honda is continuing their theme of Rock n Roll inspired car commercials with this Honda Pilot spot featuring Ozzy’s Crazy Train. If you have the sound muted one might miss the Heavy Metal reference in this one as the art direction is void of any metal imagery. No wild hair, pyrotechnics or Marshall stacks…. well maybe a little windblown hair. Honda’s use of an Ozzy sing along is cleverly executed in a viral friendly way that evokes Glee and is reminiscent of Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World where they memorably cover Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Honda maintains their brand as fresh and progressive while paying homage to the metal loving consumers who have become today’s SUV target buyers.

We blogged about Honda a while back when they featured the music of Judas Priest in their Honda Odyssey spot which was more direct with its strong metal imagery.

Sing alongs as an antidote to road trip boredom have been in vogue lately. Louie C.K. had a good one with The Who on this season’s FX show Louie.

Just please keep your eyes on the road while you’re rocking!