Double Take! Vitamin Water vs. Neuro

Glaceau’s Vitamin Water has been making “splash” (pun intended!) for many years now with the rise in popularity of functional beverage products. With its acquisition by Coca-Cola in 2007, it is now unavoidable in mass retail distribution channels as well as in advertising media.

More recently (in 2008 according to the website), a newbie has entered the functional beverage market – Neuro. Like Vitamin Water, Neuro’s products boast specific benefits to each formula, but they take it one step further with flavors that target functions or moods such as performance, diet, happiness, and even passion. Although Neuro’s packaging components are fairly unique, it is pretty clear that they have taken a direct cue from Vitamin Water with the rainbow color coding, clever naming, and playful copy. We’ll see if Neuro can hold its own against beverage conglomerate Coca-Cola!