Art in the Streets Exhibit at MOCA: A Must-See for All Designers

I have always loved the graphic quality of street art. Whether it’s the lettering itself (which is one of the last forms of typography left that is still done by hand!) or just the graphic forms in general in the art, it’s critical for all designers to be aware on this art form that is gaining more and more notoriety in the fine art world. Love it or hate it, it’s truly one of the best examples of art meeting commerce out there in the contemporary art world.

If you haven’t seen the Art in the Streets exhibit yet at MOCA (at the Geffen Contemporary), it will be running through August 8. Not only do they do a great job depicting the history of street art from an academic point of view, but the built-in installations are also visually stunning. The show runs the gamut from the pioneers (Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat being the most famous examples), to the current big names in street art such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey, and everyone else in between. Another part I really liked was the emphasis on photographers who documented graffiti and street artists throughout its history, including now famous director Spike Jonze.

There is so much I could have shared, but below are just a few snapshots for typographic inspiration. Enjoy!