The White House: Year in Photos

As the year came to a close, we saw many retrospectives, countdowns, and lists for the best and worst of 2010. One of our favorite collections happened to come from The White House. A few days ago, they posted their year-end digital slide show of the official White House photo stream. Whatever one may think about Obama and his politics, it has to be said that he has an incredible eye for branding – this photo slide show has the same quality artistic eye as seen in Obama’s original campaign marketing and now in the White House communications.

The photos in this retrospective by official White House photographer Pete Souza are thought-provoking, visually interesting, and capture critical moments – all with a keen attention to detail and strong sense of narrative. Each photo includes a caption that explains what was happening in that moment, making the slideshow that much more interesting and meaningful.

We would definitely recommend checking it out – not just for a great example of journalistic photography, but for a visual journey through last year in our country.

Photo via the White House Flickr page.