Hello, I’m a myTouch?

Has anyone seen the new T-Mobile myTouch TV spots? When I first saw them, I had to do a double-take as I was convinced Apple had brought back their long-running “Get a Mac” campaign. The myTouch ads begin with dialogue “Hello, I’m a myTouch…,” and are shot on the same clean, white background as the Apple ads they are clearly trying to mimic. The myTouch is represented with a good looking, stylish female character while the iPhone and AT&T are represented by more conservative, clunky looking characters (with the AT&T character having a striking similarity to the John Hodgman character in the Apple ads). In fact, everything about myTouch seems like “me too” branding, beginning with the similarity in the product naming, which even sounds like the Apple nomenclature.

Apple cancelled the “Get a Mac” ads several months back, and it seems the iconic campaign was so good that T-Mobile decided to pick up where they left off. But is myTouch really turning Apple’s own clever advertising against them, or are they damaging their own brand? I don’t know about you, but when I see a blimp I immediately think of Goodyear, when in reality dozens of companies have used the blimp to advertise after Goodyear originally made it popular. To me, the myTouch campaign just falls short and reads as unoriginal.

Check out Mashable’s “10 Best Get a Mac” ads here and keep and eye out for the new MyTouch tv ads – and let me know what you think!