The 80’s Rock Trend in Advertising

Rock n’ roll music and advertising is no new union – advertisers have been using both new and old rock songs to promote their products for years. The 80’s have been back in pop culture for quite some time now, but 80’s rock in particular seems to be everywhere these days. From the popularity of 80’s glam rocker Bret Michaels in the reality show circuit to recent male-oriented movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine that blatantly celebrate the decade, there seems to be a very specific throwback trend taking place.

Recently, we have been this trend emerging particularly in TV commercials that target consumers that came of age in the 80’s and are now settled down, often married with children. This group wants to be perceived to be much more cool than their parents were, and marketers seem to be picking up on this with their advertising approach. A perfect example of a recent TV commercial that illustrates this trend is the Honda Odyssey commercial, where a hip 30 or 40 something looking man emerges from the grocery store to an explosive 80’s style rock show (with soundtrack from Judas Priest) centered around his minivan. The interesting part of this commercial is the juxtaposition of something not generally considered cool (grocery shopping and a minivan) with something that was the epitome of cool in the 80’s (Judas Priest). Much like Hot Tub Time Machine, the commercial is celebrating the same demographic in an edgy, authentic way.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the Odyssey commercial here.