Connecting to Women Emotionally Through Beauty Packaging

Written by Aniko Hill for Beauty Packaging Magazine

Packaging can be one of the most important brand touch points that influence a purchase decision. It is often the first interaction a consumer has with a brand, and is also the vehicle for the product itself. Women in particular are incredibly sensorial and tactile – if a woman picks up and interacts with a package, she is more likely to buy the product. And if you are able to connect to her emotionally through that package, you can begin to build brand loyalty beyond the purchase.

Be Authentic
In order for a brand to connect emotionally to any audience, it has to be authentic to the product behind it. Packaging, like any brand touch point, should convey both the brand’s personality and values. In beauty packaging, the identity of the package has to communicate not only the functional benefits (such as special ingredients) but also has to provide emotional benefits to be successful – a consumer lifestyle brand must ultimately embody the values of its target audience to create a long-term relationship.

Grab Her Attention
Many beauty brands fall into a familiar sea of sameness within their category, making it difficult for the consumer to navigate her choices. When functional benefits are similar between competing products, the only way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace is with your brand. This doesn’t necessarily mean simply analyzing what everyone else is doing and doing the complete opposite – a successful beauty package must honestly communicate the essence of the brand and the product behind it. If the message is not authentic, the savvy female audience will know it. To grab her attention, focus on what truly makes your brand or product different and then consistently communicate that across all brand touch points.

Educate Her
With the crowded beauty marketplace and the overall shift in how consumers are making purchase decisions, women are now expecting more from their product buying experience. And with her busy lifestyle, she is also looking for brands to make her life easier. For example, in cosmetics, we are seeing more and more educational kits including tips, tricks, and DVDs demonstrating how to create a look. Education is particularly relevant in social media, where women are connecting and sharing about brands more than ever. Women are relying on reviews, social media, and online tutorials to assist them before and after the purchase.

Show Her You Care
The best brands stand for something – a big idea, a set of values, a strategic position. Women want to know what is behind the product, so it is critical to effectively communicate what the company stands for. Current research also shows that 75% of consumers in general say that corporate responsibility is important, while 55% say they are more likely to purchase a product from a company tied to a cause. They want to see that you are giving back in some way, whether you are donating to charity or spending a little more money and effort to use sustainable packaging.