Kitchen Collaborative in GCI Magazine: Creating Brand Impact with Sample Packaging

A new article by Kitchen Creative Director Aniko Hill is now available online or in print. The article analyzes the brand impact achieved with sample packaging in categories such as mimicked components, sachet-on-card, sampling in advertising, unique/sustainable sampling, and promotional samplers. Here are a few highlights:

  • The goal in sample packaging is to create an association between the actual product on the shelf and the sample itself.
  • If it is not possible to implement a physically mimicked version of the main package, a good alternative is a “sachet-on-card” format.
  • To get noticed in sampling, the packaging system itself can deliver a strong message if it is innovative, unique or has additional benefits such as sustainability.
  • Promotional samplers allow for a long-lasting experience with the product, and also create a permanent takeaway that is a daily reminder of the brand name.

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