Kitchen Collaborative in GCI Magazine: 2010 Beauty Packaging Identity Trends

A new article by Kitchen Creative Director Aniko Hill is now available online or in print. The article features beauty packaging trends for 2010, exploring both brand identity and materials. Trend themes discussed include rustic/rugged, handmade/collage, sustainable, technological/experiential, pop culture, typographic, look-specific/instructional, and masculine. Here are a few talking points:

  • Being aware of fads can be critical information to a brand manager.
  • To communicate eco-friendly, brands are being challenged to push themselves beyond simply using recycled paper stocks or bottles.
  • Many of the products embodying the handmade identity seem to be skewed toward teen and tween markets.
  • Technology-themed or -inspired identity is one of the newest trends in beauty industry, with an experiential element that creates a deeper brand experience and connection transcending the physical package.

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