Brand "Personality:" Jamie Oliver’s New Packaging

Fresh Retail Ventures Limited just launched new packaging for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s line of food, cookware, kitchenware, crockery, outdoor entertaining, and gifts. Jamie is known for his relaxed and authentic view on cooking, a unique approach in the world of celebrity food and lifestyle brands.

Branding in general should be an authentic expression of the product or service it is representing, and should portray a personality – much like a person. But what about when the brand is the person? In some ways, we are all brands in the sense that we convey a unique personality, style, and set of values. Celebrities are most aware of their public perception, working with public relations teams to diligently control and communicate their image. Today, many celebrities are starting brands that capitalize on their “real life” personalities, whether it is a fashion line inspired by their style, a makeup line to help women achieve the star’s look, or in this case, a home lifestyle brand. Conveying a personal brand can be trickier than building a corporate brand as it is essential that the look, feel, and communication of the brand is on-target since the consumer already has a perception of the celebrity.

In the case of Jamie Oliver’s new packaging, the overall look and feel is simple and straight forward, casual, and clean – a fairly accurate portrayal of Jamie’s on-screen persona. Natalie Chung, Creative Director of UK firm Pearlfisher says of the project:

“The brand captures the character of Jamie Oliver which is real, playful and imaginative and this is reflected in the new ’Keep it simple’ strapline for the mass retailers and the ’Get Inspired’ strapline for the department stores and independent cookshops.

The new design reflects the evolution of the brand and the strength and stature of the Jamie Oliver personality with a change to the tone of voice used in pack copy and the introduction of a new brand marque.”