Before and After: Barbara’s Bakery Packaging

Barbara’s Bakery has just announced their recent packaging redesign. This line of cereals and snacks is known for being one of the pioneers of the natural foods movement, and is now widely distributed in both mass and specialty stores. Barbara’s says the goal of the new packaging is “to celebrate our commitment to wholesome, all-natural ingredients and our Northern California roots.”

All 55 SKUs will hit the shelves in June with the new brand look, including a new logo, nutritional highlights, and updated photography. The packaging itself has gotten a makeover too – it will be printed on sustainable Green Choice® cartons, North America’s only certified recycled paperboard. The packaging will also feature charts showing energy conserved and offset for zero greenhouse emissions.

The new design is definitely a step in the right direction for the Barbara’s brand, with the most successful part of the new packaging being its new cohesive, systematic approach to the line. Before, each product had its own look, making it difficult to recognize the brand across different products. The new packaging also quickly communicates “natural” with the earthy palette and green materials, where before the design was lost in the sea of sameness of cereal and snack packaging.

Barbara’s teamed with San Francisco design firm Macchiatto to create their new packaging. Michelle Regenbogen, principal and owner of Macchiatto says of the new design:

“One of Barbara’s desires with the new design was to find a way to show a sense of place with the main logo. Barbara’s hometown of Petaluma, California, played a large part in the new branding look. Showing off the area’s rolling hills and natural landscape in the logo’s background seemed to be a perfect fit with the ’All Natural Since 1971’ slogan, Regenbogen added. Just as important is the heart shape to the logo, which links today’s Barbara’s to the ’heart’ of the natural foods movement.