Beauty Bitten by the Vampire Trend?

Image from Beautiful Makeup Search Blog

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the entertainment industry’s influence on the beauty world. The newest trend seems to be skewing towards vampire-themed beauty – particularly in the cosmetics industry. With the surge in popularity for vampire dramas including HBO’s True Blood and the Twilight saga, beauty companies are now starting to take note.

Twilight seems to be the most popular inspiration in the beauty industry, most likely due to the large (and lucrative) teen audience following. DuWop’s new “Twilight Venom” and “Lip Venom V” are literally named for the popular vampire series Twilight, “[blending the] human and vampire worlds” with these plumping products inspired by the “fresh bitten lips” from the movie. Julie Hewett’s “Twilight Palette” is also based on the series, with four glamorous eye shadows that allow the user to create their own vampire-inspired look.

With the recent Emmy nominations for True Blood, the Twilight sequel due to hit theatres next month, and the CW’s new fall show The Vampire Diaries, it seems the vampire pop culture trend isn’t going away anytime soon – and I’m willing to bet more beauty companies will be jumping on the bandwagon over the next few months.