Whipping Up a New Old Look

Kraft’s Miracle Whip has recently debuted a new look for their packaging. The new label and mark abandon the typical formula for contemporary food packaging for a modern throwback to vintage packaging designs. For the logo mark, the casual script with dimensional highlights usually seen on food packaging is replaced with more straightforward, clean yet approachable letterforms. The scalloped edges of the logo design seem to reference hand-designed letters from the 50’s and 60’s and have a subtle tie-in to the vintage Miracle Whip label as shown below. Food imagery is removed, and the heavier color previously in the background is replaced with a cleaner looking white – again reminiscent of the vintage label. The scalloped border shown in the 60’s label below is re-appropriated into a softer, more cloud-like design, perhaps a nod to the texture of the product.

We’ve seen the nostalgia trend emerging in the food and beverage industries with the limited collectors editions of classic cereal boxes by General Mills and Pepsi Co.’s launch of Throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew. Is Miracle Whip riding this trend, or is there something else to their story? We’ll see if the new look helps to whip up a broader audience.

Photo source: Boxvox.net