KC at Dwell on Design

We attended the Dwell on Design event this weekend, the west coast’s largest modern design conference and trade exhibition. Of the exhibitors showing home furnishings, appliances, and materials, the most prevalent theme (surprise!) was green.

In addition to energy, solar and green technology companies, there were a few innovative products that married green lifestyle with modern design aesthetic. Canadian company Hero-365 was showing their portable rain collector, a clever and visually appealing solution to expensive integration of rain collection systems—also perfect for the green-savvy renter. In addition to green themes in function, botanical or nature inspired designs were also widespread. Vitra’s booth displayed their nature-inspired Vegetal chairs in an artful installation reminiscent of a pile of vegetation in the forest. Raumplas’ sophisticated sliding door panels also featured modern interpretations of botanical patterns.

Overall, green seems to have officially evolved from trend to staple in the design world. Now if only some other industries could catch up…