How Stop Motion Assets Can Improve Your Social Media ROI

In the high-volume, fast-paced world of social media marketing, capturing and retaining audience attention is the key to creating successful campaigns. One simple way companies can achieve this is through investing in stop motion photography assets. Stop motion brings a refreshing and nostalgic touch to visual storytelling, making it stand out in the sea of typical imagery and videos in social media feeds. They also have proven to be highly effective for improving performance.

In addition to being visually appealing, stop motion photography allows for versatility and is more cost-effective than traditional video production. Brands can showcase their products or services in a dynamic and creative manner, highlighting features, demonstrating benefits, or telling a lifestyle story. Stop motion assets are also relevant across a range of campaigns and platforms, from an e-commerce landing page to TikTok. By investing in stop motion photography, companies not only enrich their social media presence but also establish a distinctive brand identity that resonates with consumers in a meaningful and visually striking way.

When we create monthly reports for clients, we look at return on investment for metrics we can see a conversion on such as paid ads for social media as well as performance of assets which measure brand awareness. Here are some of the main performance and efficiency benefits for this type of asset:

1. More views overall. Because stop motion assets are short and fun-to-watch, they tend to outperform traditional short form video for views because the viewer is more likely to watch them multiple times.

2. More versatility cross-platform. Not all content works cross-platform. Typically viewers want to see more polished assets when they are making a purchase like on a product landing page, and more candid assets on a platform like TikTok. With stop motion, we can utilize assets across all platforms, increasing reach and eliminating the need for various content styles for different uses. We can also use this asset style at the top- or end-of-funnel in our ad campaigns.

3. The ability to sell directly. Not only can the look and feel be controlled more closely, but stop motion lends itself to focusing where we want the viewer to look in order to most clearly communicate a product benefit. Because the camera doesn’t move and there is only one point of action, we can design the asset to highlight the area of the product we are talking about more narrowly.

Here are just a few examples of some recent client work in this format.