Preparing First Leaves for an Amazon E-Commerce Launch

Long time client First Leaves wanted to relaunch their premium Japanese green tea products as an Amazon-exclusive offering. This comprehensive overhaul required extensive research including optimization, demand forecasting, and a new sales plan – combined with a visual refresh consisting of product display page improvements and additional asset development.

Research & Strategy

We created a comprehensive launch plan that began with an audit of the existing listings, making recommendations for the product display pages (PDP) above and below the fold, covering improvements such as hero image, secondary images, and copy to improve the customer experience and help convert a higher percentage of page visits. We provided direction for A+ and brand page best practices and concepts for product video production for the PDP’s and ads. A comprehensive competitive audit identifies best practices and pricing analysis to set a price goal to help First Leaves better compete. A launch strategy covered retail readiness, review acquisition, ad plans, and ranking tactics. Cost of goods and demand forecasting helped create models for how to get to a profitable position realistically in the shortest amount of time.

PDP Asset Development

Customers spend most of their time on a product’s PDP (product display page). For this reason, telling a robust product story on each product page was critical. We started by creating hero image renderings that helped the products pop and took up more white space on the search display page. We then created info-rich secondary graphics with product tips, benefits, and directions. Since 80% of purchases on Amazon are on mobile, we optimized accordingly with zoomable images and easy-to-read content. We also had to be mindful of crafting strong statements without making claims, a big consideration in the food & beverage category.

Video Content

We created a quick product video for each SKU to tell the brand story and demonstrate how to brew in a lifestyle demo format. The content had to comply with Amazon’s best practices for length, graphics, and format. To streamline costs and make the video accessible to anyone, we avoided using a model’s face and kept the content short and sweet.

A+ and Brand Page

We also implemented custom A+ and brand page content, to further tell the brand story and stand out from the competition. These included a clear brand story to showcase unique selling points, a premium carousel for a seamless shopping experience, FAQ’s, and brand video content.

Stay tuned for more as we fully launch this campaign next month!