Launching a Patented Technology: How We Branded and Marketed the Lift-Assist Technology for Seachrome Bath Accessories

Premium bath accessory manufacturer and long time client Seachrome developed a revolutionary technology that would make their shower seats fully compliant with the five-pound rule, which requires that seats use less than five pounds of force to lift. Because this technology is patented and exclusive to Seachrome, they needed our help to make a splash in announcing the feature in 2018.



We recommended a proprietary logo that would communicate the exclusive nature of the technology and communicate they key benefits on quick read. Our solution was a type treatment with a feather over the i letterform, to quickly communicate the idea that the technology helps make lifting the seats easy. We developed a descriptor tagline that was locked up with the logo to clarify the specifics of Lift-Assist.seachrome-liftassist-logo-518px


For our 2018 lifestyle photo shoot, we captured wide environment images with a model for Lift-Assist that communicated that these seats integrate into any bathroom design. To demonstrate how easy the products were to lift, we shot details of the model’s hand lifting the seats with one finger.



Printed Collateral

Seachome needed a sell sheet to explain and sell their Lift-Assist Technology to their distributors and retailers. We utilized our shoot assets and developed primary and secondary messaging to communicate key functional and emotional benefits.


Print Advertising

To get the most splash for Seachrome’s traditional media budget, we conducted extensive research and developed a media plan to target ADA compliance product specifiers and decision makers in a range of industry publication categories with a focus on senior assisted living, architecture & design, hospitality, institutional, and interior design. Our 1/2 page print ads featured distinct messaging for each market segment.


Web Page

We created a custom web page for Lift-Assist that clearly communicated key features and benefits in a digestible format.



The centerpiece of the Lift-Assist marketing campaign was a product video, which brought the features and benefits to life while showing the lifestyle applications. We utilized a model to demonstrate the ease of lift in a clean, stylized set. We then implemented a series of micro videos for social media advertising that paired quick cuts of the seats easily being lifted up and down with custom graphics and a simple background music track. We showcased a range of seat designs and updated wardrobe styling to give each video a unique look.


To see more work we have done for the Seachrome please visit our case study.