Kitchen Collaborative Creates First Leaves’ Brand Identity and Packaging


Yabukita green tea, from the fertile hills of Shizuoha, is considered Japan’s finest green tea. The leaves are from the first spring harvest, which makes them the riches in vitamins, polyphenols, and flavorful amino acids. First Leaves wanted to introduce this specialty tea into the US market while maintaining their authentic Japanese heritage.


packaging design

Our process began with a naming exploration, with names inspired by the region, zen philosophy, Japan, and the green color of the leaves. The selected name was a straightforward representation of the way the leaves are harvested, as the first harvest makes for the highest quality tea leaves.

Our solution for their identity was a stacked word mark incorporating the owner’s family crest, for a modern take on a traditional Japanese stamp or seal. Clean, simple typography telling the tea’s flavor story was paired with bold photography of the product inside, with circular shapes that mimic the family crest. An expanded story, clean infographics and icons, and simple directions on the side and back panels helped to round out the rich story of the product. Beautiful textured watercolor paper, blind embossing, and a copper foil stamp on the mark adds a sense of luxury and dimension to the label.

We are slated to launch First Leaves’ website, sales booth, and printed collateral soon. Stay tuned for more!