Kitchen Collaborative Unveils New Responsive Website for L’eclisse Cosmetics

We recently launched a newly redesigned, mobile-friendly, responsive website for L’eclisse Cosmetics. The fresh site design features new lifestyle beauty photography, including a robust color-matching guide that lets customers choose the model with the most similar skin tone so that they can find the correct foundation and blush shades. We also added comprehensive tips, trick, and how-to’s, as well as a detailed breakdown of the healthy ingredients in each product.

responsive new site

The new responsive site also provides improved functionality by translating seamlessly on mobile devices. With 78% of the nation’s population using mobile internet to visit sites, it’s become more and more important for brands to ditch their adaptive sites and go responsive.

Responsive design refers to the way the website translates between desktop to mobile or tablet window sizes. In adaptive sites, some content may look disjointed on mobile, whereas a responsive design remains cohesive and seamless no matter the device. The GIF below from Froont provides a visual:

Check out L’eclisse’s beautifully redesigned responsive site here!