Our Favorite Picks for Creative Holiday Gifts

With gift shopping, party planning and traveling for holiday festivities (on top of work and your day-to-day life!) this time of year can leave you feeling short on time and uninspired. Need some ideas for unique, designer-inspired gifts?Here are some of our favorite, interesting gift picks to inspire you this holiday season…


Knowledge is Beautiful Hardcover by David Mccandless $20.60

Offering a wide-ranging look at the world and its history, this book takes infographics to the next level with an endlessly fascinating spin through the world of visualized data. With everything from dog breeds and movie plots to the origins of life and a timeline of the far future, this awesome book is guaranteed to entertain and enrich your understanding of the world.

Pantone Universe Watch by Ice-Watch $39.99

Ice-Watch brand collaborates with PANTONE® (the international brand reference for colors) to make their design a wearable statement. The watch is unisex and available in several on-trend Pantone designer colors.

Easy Macro Lens $14.95

With a reputation as the simplest, most convenient and easiest to use macro lens available for smartphones, this lens’ 4x magnification gives your phone’s camera easy-to-use, close-up power that you never thought possible. It’s unique design is also able to fit on any size phone, with or without a case!

CMYK Playing Cards $14.00

With suits swapped for the printer’s choice of ink: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, and the design on the back created from the kind of utilitarian registration marks and checks (usually never seen by the non-design-industry public) these cards are nothing like the traditional. Just as easy to use, but way more fun to look at, the cards are colored by different opacities of ink to create an amazing gradient when fanned out in your hand.

Yoshimoto Cube No.1 $65.00

Naoki Yoshimoto invented the Yoshimoto Cube when he was searching for a way to divide a cube equally. The result is a peculiar polyhedral dyad consisting of eight interconnected cubes that can be divided in multiple ways. Featured in the MOMA’s collection, the cube can be divided into two cubes and then transformed into two rhombuses, one silver, and the other gold, each with 12 faces.

Knox V2 – Google I/O 2015 by Knoxlabs $23.95

The Knox V2 is a Google Cardboard certified viewer, compatible with thousands of VR apps available for both iOS and Android platforms.

iSkelter Lapdesk $60.00-$140.00

With a variety of options to choose from including those with cup holders, key spaces, areas for you mouse, phone, laptop and more, these workspaces allow you to work grip your devices, prevent overheating and fit in your bag as they enable you to work from a comfortable environment.