OTTO Camera Gives a Nod to the Past with Retro Design

With apps like Instagram (and its less famous predecessor Hipstamatic) specifically designed to recreate the feel of vintage photos, social media’s affection for all things retro certainly isn’t just relegated to Throwback Thursday. So it’s only natural that the OTTO, a retro-inspired camera designed by Oakland’s Next Thing Co., showcases a sensibility firmly rooted in the past while simultaneously tapping into our contemporary internet obsessions—namely GIFs.

With one turn of the crank on the top of the camera, the OTTO is transformed from a traditional camera to a GIF-making machine. The camera automatically sends your newly-created GIF to your smartphone. The camera also takes photo booth style pictures and time lapse photos, and includes a USB plug so you can add different hardware functions like FlashyFlash, which takes photos the second you high five someone. OTTO will retail for $199, or at $149 for early buyers on the product’s Kickstarter page.


Story via Fast Company Design.