Kitchen Collaborative Launches Infratech Social Media Campaign

Creating a social presence on the Internet has become a necessity to successful companies in today’s tech-savvy market. With 837 million users on Facebook alone and 67% of all Internet users active on social portals, businesses that effectively communicate and engage with this online audience see measureable improvement in brand awareness and sales.

Even though the masses are connected to social media and audiences may seem easily accessible, there is a big difference between personal online management and the online management of a company. Choosing an agency or individual that has experience in the field of successfully running online campaigns and understands branding as a whole is key to the success of a healthy and beneficial online presence.

At the Kitchen Collaborative, social media strategy, content creation, and management are important parts of our brand building process. Most recently, we launched a new social campaign for our premium outdoor heating client Infratech. We approached the company’s social strategy in a multi-step process, from strategy to original content creation. Take a look at how we helped this company begin its journey into the social space, and learn how you should approach creating an online presence for your business.


Even before creating accounts for your company or client, it is important to do research on what others are doing online. Looking at both direct and indirect competitors will help to establish a unique niche and differentiate your brand online. During our initial research for Infratech, we found only a handful of competitors with a social media presence – which proved to be both a challenge and an advantage. We also looked at popular lifestyle brands that had successful social accounts and analyzed what aspects of their strategy brought success.

Strategy & Launch
After reviewing existing information on competitors, it was time to move forward with a strategy. We looked at Infratech’s potential audience, how they currently interacted with other social and web pages, and where they were spending time online. This helped us decide which platforms were appropriate and create compelling and meaningful editorial content for each. For Infratech, we decided Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube would be the most successful outlets for the company. We created original lifestyle content, shared other influencers’ posts, and filled out the pages with existing assets prior to announcing our presence on each platform, ensuring Infratech had an established online brand image before inviting others to visit and like their pages.

Analysis & Reevaluation
When managing a company’s social presence online, it’s important to back up online activity with concrete data. Though many benefits of social media, e.g. brand awareness and management, are difficult to measure, many of the major social portals allow for measuring in-depth analytics. But it’s not all about numbers – reviewing our client’s social media performance on a monthly basis helps us improve campaigns as they evolve and grow. Audience growth, fan interaction and both good and bad comments help us improve the company’s online presence and fine tune strategy on an ongoing basis.

To see our work in action, visit Infratech’s various social media outlets.