Kmart’s Money Can’t Buy Style

As I drove past Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles the other day, I saw a large billboard that at first glance looked like an outtake from an American Apparel shoot. The bold lettering and tagline… “Money can’t buy Style” was paired with a new logo for….wait for it…..Kmart! It could be the begging of a new era for Kmart or the end of fashion as we know it.

With bold photography featuring provocative gestures and expressions, Kmart has created an eye-catching statement that they are entering the world of fast-fashion. They have also created a dedicated YouTube channel called Kmart Fashion which features “real” people dancing and expressing themselves in a viral manner that could have been called… “dance-off in your bedroom”

With the rise of H&M and the global influence of brands like Uniqlo, Kmart is attempting to parlay their reputation for affordability into the fashion world. Their message is simple: people embracing their own personal style. They are tapping into the wallet-friendly concept of fashion being more personality driven and not financially driven. The overall message is essentially one that says you don’t have to spend $3000 on an outfit to look cool…you can combine some quirky patterns and wear your clothes with an individual expression to create your look.